Here at Bridge Point Rye we want to do everything we can to give you the confidence to be in a safe and managed facility.

We continue to take into consideration all procedures and protocols as recommended by the NHS and governing agencies. We have educated our staff on best practices for safe and contact-free interactions while maintaining personal attention to your service and experience.

As a new facility, the Gallery and Art spaces have been deep cleaned, sanitised and freshly decorated. The gallery, Studio and Art spaces are self -contained, easy to quarantine and secure.

We will cooperate fully with any systems Clients, Artists and producers  wish to implement, in addition to our comprehensive anti-Covid policies and procedures:

  • The temperature of all staff and guests will be taken at all entrances (no guest with a temperature of 38c or more will be allowed in the facility)
  • All  Visitors and Bridge Point staff will be required to wear face coverings and disposable gloves will be provided
  • Private access to  gallery and studios with one-way routes for communal entrances and production areas
  • Hand sanitizer stations and wipes available throughout the Spaces
  • Increased sanitizing and disinfecting of all common areas
  • 2m minimum separation in toilet areas
  • Clear guidance signs throughout studios
  • Regular monitoring and implementation of all measures

Bridge Point has large square footage which enables us to have an easy social distancing space for, guests, clients, artist and crews accommodation for. We have now completed a separate outdoor catering facility with takeaway capability, so your production and events can be self-contained onsite.

The studio facility is separate from the town of Rye, which has one of the lowest infection rates in the country. We are confident that you will find Bridge Point a safe and efficient space to visit, work and enjoy safely.